Margarita Ball

Raise More Than Just a Glass.

The purpose of the Lakeland Margarita Ball is to make the Christmas season a little brighter for the underprivileged children in our community.

Many of our community members are struggling in the wake of what this year has brought. Several lost their jobs because of local businesses shuttering during the statewide shutdowns and struggle to find employment. Some of them are dealing with the emotional impacts of social distancing, combating separation from family and loved ones during a season often associated with gathering and celebration. The need is greater than it has ever been for us to raise more than just a glass for our community. 

While we are greatly disappointed that the event will not go on in person in 2020, our board has orchestrated some creative opportunities for you to still help make the Christmas season a little brighter for the underprivileged children in our community. On behalf of all the members of the Lakeland Margarita Society, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being Superheroes to the children!

How to Participate:


Donate to the Cause

The purpose of the Lakeland Margarita Ball has always been to put toys under the trees of those in need within our community. Without your support, some children would not have a Christmas. And that is where you come in. We have donation levels starting at just $25 that directly go towards putting toys in the hands of a child on Christmas morning.

You can donate through:

  • Our Website!
  • A Lakeland Margarita Society Member

Buy a ticket & Bring a toy

Buy a ticket to participate in our annual Margarita Ball, and bring a toy or donation to the event! Your donation helps bring smiles to the underprivileged children of our community each holiday year.

The following organizations received donations last year:

Margarita Ball - Lake Mirror Promenade

Board Of Directors

Executive Committee

  • Chair: Stephen Gerrard
  • Past Chair: Timothy F. Campbell
  • Bradley T. Lunz
  • Ben Mundy
  • Todd Baylis

Event Coordinator

Margaret C. Parry

Board Members

  • Henry E. Tucker
  • Andy Bosko
  • Donald A. Bosko
  • Maggie Briggs
  • Kevin F. Browne
  • Maureen Browne
  • Ronald W. Case
  • Nate Dunham
  • Mark Fore
  • Kim Bishop Jones
  • Vince Jones
  • Jack Lowman
  • Shawn McDonough
  • Benjamin F. Mundy
  • T. Houghton Parry
  • Brockman C. Self
  • William L. Shimp
  • Robert Teston
  • Henry Tucker
  • Hugh J. Turbeville
  • Emily Vickers
  • Sarah Woodsby

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